Despite the missed chance to release the song on the 8th May, The Half Light are back and have released their new single ‘8th May’, taken from their forthcoming EP ‘Night On My Mind.’

‘8th May’ is not a brand new, groundbreaking, revolutionary indie track, but it’s got its highlights. The track has great layering, with its simplistic, indistinguishable drum pattern, subtle layered guitar riffs and carefully placed synths throughout. Short, yet sweet is one way to describe ‘8th May’. A quick length for sure coming in at just over 2 minutes 20 seconds, but encompasses everything The Half Light presumably aimed to bring into the track. On the other hand, there is something a little strange about the hollow sounding tapping beat throughout the track. While it is effective at the start, the metronome style begins to sound rather prominent. Moreover, the added sound doesn’t really fit into the carefully layered track and in turn, sticks out and adds an unwanted sense of repetition.

The Half Light have a nice track on their hands. A simplistic groove to listen to about your daily life. While this new track is nothing to go on a crazy energetic run to, music of the indie genre doesn’t necessarily have to be. The band use this less vivacious side of the indie genre to their advantage, something they’ve leaned to do well over the years.

Rating: 6/10

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