After being commissioned to write a track for the release of KT Davies’ novel ‘Breed’, guitarist for Wolverhampton metal band Enemy Of Atlas, Dom Shaw, has now produced his own solo project ‘Gravity Bound’ a debut track ‘Dangerous To Know’.

With technology available in our society, anyone can create a song, but creating one that stands out is another statement. Dangerous To Know’ starts off quite promising. Razor sharp riffs dominate the 5-Minute debut, giving an instant sense of a metal genre based track. As well as the tracks sharp edge, the vocals filling the track also fit well, with a range of clean and unclean vocals mixing well with its style. Yet, with a style so recognisable, it can be easy to fall victim to a generic repetitive style. The track does occasionally fall into this trap at times within its longer 5 minute length, but not consistently. Sometimes, things get lost, and the depth this track potentially had does fall away with such a layered sound. However, that’s not to say tracks such as this do not have their standouts, and the guitar-solo filled bridge is one of them. Within the bridge, Shaw manages to not only bring a slower, mellower focus to the well played guitar riffs, but also throws listeners into a quick fire, intense breakdown. Being able to switch with such a contrast can often be hit and miss, but by all means this worked excellently.

What we must remember, is this is only the start of Gravity Bound. This track shows the ideas and level Dom Shaw is working at and towards. With a few tweaks or some more depth, gravity bound will have the chance to soar.

Rating: 6/10

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