Heya! Could you please introduce yourself, what you do in the band and one random fact about yourself?

Hello my name is Benedict and I sing and play guitar. Nice to meet ya.

You guys consider yourself an Alt-rock style band, where did the idea to incorporate a saxophone to your music come from and how did you do it?

Honestly, there was no plan behind it. The horns especially are something that just happened. We never set out to be a certain genre or join a “scene” so the music we make is just what comes out when the 5 of us come together. It’s fresh and organic to do it that way.

Your new track ‘Internet Famous’ is being released ahead of the tour, can you tell us a little but about the recording process?

The recording process for Internet was really productive. Writing to rehearsing to recording all happened in quick succession for this song. This meant it was a really exciting process as it wasn’t a song that we’d been playing/rehearsing for a while meaning it was really new for us. We recorded it in a studio that’s in an old converted biscuit factory in London too.

What exactly is ‘Internet Famous’ about for each of you personally?

I think across the board it’s about how the internet has consumed people’s perception of real life and also, for some some people, forgetting to live in the real world. Social media definitely has a place in the real world but it’s definitely getting a little out of hand.

Speaking of becoming ‘Internet Famous’, soon you’ll be Australia famous! How does it feel that you’re getting the chance to co-headline a tour in Australia?

Honestly, it’s something that was on the list but we never thought would be feasible. We’re so excited to come over. The feeling of going somewhere new and unexpected through the band is irreplaceable and hard to relate to anything else. I don’t think it will really have hit me until we’re sat on the plane.

Of course, for a UK band Australia is pretty far, how did this opportunity come to you?

To be honest it’s all down to some lovely people who run Inhale Music Promotions. They’ve put the whole thing together from a twitter post about us coming to Australia that’s needed up going way further than expected.

Are you afraid of any of the many ‘horrors’ Australia has to offer such as spiders etc?

Haha, for me personally I’m not scared of any of the animals or creatures. I know that some of the others absolutely hate spiders and snakes. Poor old Russ hates flying too so I’m looking forward to how he fairs on the 20 hour journey!

This will be your first time out of the UK/European circuit, do you feel you will begin touring further internationally after this tour?

Actually that’s not true. We’ve been to the USA twice! Saying that Australia will definitely be the furthest we’ve ever been. Like I said before, I remember when we got on the plane to the US for the first tile and we all looked at each other like “WTF is going on?!” – it’s a feeling I’ve yet to have experienced since but I think going to Australia is gonna feel pretty damn similar.

Finally, if you were to define being ‘internet famous’, how would define it?

As a song, it’s a statement. Remember to live life in the real world and that the wonderful lives of the internet celebrities that fill your Instagram feeds and YouTube subs are not always who and what they appear to be!

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