‘Rumours In The Stockroom’ is the newest track from Galway indie post-punk crossovers The Clockworks.

‘Rumours In The Stockroom’ is a quite a short, punchy track coming in at just under 2 minutes 30 seconds. The jumpy, upbeat drumming pattern adds a height of excitement to the pink track, something that contrasts over the monotone vocal stylings throughout. Even the deep rumbling basslines add a contrast leading to a lid of completely distinct parts that cumulate together to make a pretty good song. Yet, the monotone vocals don’t make this track too exciting, if the track were longer, this vocal style may have dragged it out further than needed but for its short bursts, it fits well.

While this isn’t the most exciting track in the world, sometimes post-punk doesn’t need to be. This track has good beats and is a nicer, calmer track as clearly intended instead of a heavy aggressive 3 minute rage. A good attempt.

Rating: 7/10

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