Glass shattering female rockers The Nyx are defying all expectations to release a new track every full moon. We spoke to Becky about the band, and what they stand for!

Hello! Could you please introduce yourself and what you do in the band?

Hey! I’m Becky, I play guitar and sing.

Your band, The Nyx, are releasing a track every full moon, can you explain the thought process behind this?

At the end of last year we decided we wanted to do something original to gain momentum for The Nyx in 2018. We had a few tracks we’d been waiting to release for a while, and as an unsigned band without backing, releasing music can feel like you’re throwing a frisbee off a cliff. So we thought, if we keep throwing loads of frisbees, they will eventually start hitting people in the face.

We decided to release a track every full moon to represent the femininity and energy of our band. ‘Nyx’ is the goddess of the night. Moons represent monthly cycles. There’s something undeniably powerful about the moon. It’s an unconventional clock I guess, you’ve just got to look up to see how long until our next release, and hopefully find a little bit of wonder while you’re looking.

 You have mentioned that your reasoning for this band is for female empowerment, what do you hope to achieve through The Nyx?

Female empowerment is certainly a strong reason for our existence – we’re purposefully an all-female band. That purpose is to help fill the gaping hole in the representation of women in rock music. So we’re hoping to embody that and inspire people.

But that’s not the only string to our bow. The lack of women in music just frustration more than anything. When we see line ups and playlists dominated by men we’re like, uggghhhhh when will the times catch up, it’s getting boring. But we’re pretty optimistic that in the next few years a lot of progress will be made for diversity in music. This representation fight feels like a skin we need to shed before we can move into the real deal.

…And that leads us to what it’s really about: energy.

Music is supposed to make you feel something, right? Going to a live show is supposed to energise and inspire you. Artists are supposed to help you make sense of the world. More than anything we want to transfer a real, authentic, awakening dose of energy to whoever’s listening.

Who are each of your biggest inspirations in music?

Here’s some which came to mind: Foo Fighters, Skunk Anansie, Warpaint, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, Jeff Buckley, Ben Howard, Incubus, PJ Harvey, Radiohead.

Do your new tracks have a running theme throughout, or does each track vary?

There’s a silent revolution happening right now. It’s an energy revolution. People are starting to realise how their lives have been spent trapped in their own destructive heads, and they want out, they want to feel alive. We’ve felt what it’s like to be caged by the man (both the patriarchy and the system), and glimpses of the other side. Our songs are written about this experience

Is this year going to be composed of just singles, or are you planning and EP or album as well?

Currently we’re just trying to make sure we have a song ready for each moon!! 13 songs does feel like a pretty solid album, but we’re just taking it as it comes currently.

What is your opinion of female representation in music right now?

know there are shit load of female-focused artists out there right now, especially in London, but they’re still not really breaking through. Although cracks are definitely beginning to show. Feelin’ optimistic.

What’s next for The Nyx in terms of shows?

17 Feb – The Engine Rooms, valentines gig with DIY Thursdays.
1 March – Lighthouse Bar, Shoreditch
7 March – The Victoria, Dalston
10 March – Typical Girls, International Women’s Day, Four Quarters, Peckham
12 March – The Lock Tavern
29 March – The Monarch
17th May – The Victoria

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