Of Virtue have released probably their best single to date with their new song ‘Surrounded’. After premiering on Altpress, the melodic hardcore band have now released the full video and track across their platforms.

‘Surrounded’ from the first second gives a strange post-apocalyptic style to the track, combining sirens, PSA announcements and some more subtly ingrained vocals to match into its outer structure. Even when this original idea fades away, the bridge of ‘Surrounded’ instantly brings a cyclical feel to the song. The sudden cut off and the vigorous build up also help to create a breakdown that feels entirely in place within this track.

Of course, there is something deeper in this track than it’s outer appearance, a deeply rooted meaning that transcends above the polished technicality and musicality. The tracks theme of hatred and bigotry stands clear and isn’t something that misses the mark. While they first two verses do repeat themselves, this structure works in favour for Of Virtue. Not only does a more simplistic lyrical structure help blatantly push across the message, but the intense vocal emotion also portrayed within the track.

Of Virtue have really pushed themselves with this single and not only does it show in the track itself, but the cleverly created video alongside. The theme, video and execution of the track is outstanding, so make sure to check out this single as it is one of their best ones yet.

Rating: 10/10

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