Coming through with a re-invention are Everything Aside. Stepping away from their past of The Prophets, the trio are now starting fresh with their new single ‘No Mistakes’.

‘No Mistakes’ holds itself in a mellow style shell, with the softer vocal side echoing out to create a surrounding atmospheric vibe while similar echoic drums branch out to slowly add a sense of depth to the track. The build up of the track is far from subtle, as layers of bass, drums and the electronic piano notes formulate a strong chorus, adding the depth to the centre of ‘No Mistakes’. Yet, with such a quick build up, some elements at points do seem slightly out of place. While the light piano notes at chorus add a lighter tone to the track, at points within the heavier chorus, these create a contrast that doesn’t quite fit the expected balance the extra notes previously created. However, not only do the airy notes and build-ups create an interesting backing to the track, but also enhance the emotional depth brought to the track throughout the softly sung vocals that slowly transform through the chorus while still cleverly keeping the emotional depth within.

Everything Aside have started strong with ‘No Mistakes’. The track is well produced, strong and has a fitting music video to help bring out the visual side of the track. Everything Aside May have to build back up after their re-branding, but if they keep this level of musicality up, they will definitely grow, fast.

Rating: 9/10

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