With new single ‘Blind’ out now, Wolverhampton 5-piece metal band Enemy Of Atlas are ready to step into 2018 on a high note.

‘Blind’ offers up an eclectic vigour through the vicious guitar riffs, kicking drum patterns and a heavy bassline that is deeply rooted within the metal track. All instrumental aspects of the track come through equally, giving the track a good balance. While the overall sound of the track can be a little generic at times, the build-up/Breakdown does offer an insight to the bands creative individuality that is subtly shining through. The change between the chorus and verse does however create a more obvious contrast between the two, something that perhaps could be a little more subtle to enhance the smooth running of the track.

Enemy Of Atlas still have a way to go to break out of their local scene, but ‘Blind’ is their next step up the ladder to success. With the notion they aren’t about to stop anytime soon, make sure not to be blind to their new tracks.


Rating 7/10

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