Temper Cover.png

With their second single now out, The New Age are already preparing for the release of their new upcoming album ‘Placebo’.

‘Temper’ is quite an atmospheric track from its outset. While being a little lighter than previous tracks the band have released, the heavy guitar riffs are still present from the tracks and fade into the deeper ending of the track. While at first, The New Age bring a simpler, less complicated kind of vocal process to ‘Temper’ with the progression of the anger fueled track quickly picks up in a clear build up to the emotion packed chorus through the use of raw vocals as well as subtle harmonies in the background. Moreover, the tracks almost subtle electronic piano feel that falls well into the backing of song really helps to explore the atmospheric side of ‘Temper’ and, in a way, perhaps even giving the track a slight touch of a ‘futuristic’ style.

Not only does the vicious cycle of rage help push this track out to new intrigued listeners, but it also indicates that The New Age still have that power and potential for their future releases. Make sure to stay up to date with The New Age, as if their new material is anything to be based off ‘Temper’, it will be nothing short of excellent.

Rating: 9.5/10

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