Indie rock quartet FAREBROTHER have just released their refreshing new single ‘A Little Late’!

On the path to develop their sound, FAREBROTHER have moved on smoothly from previous release ‘Rewind’ all the way to their new track ‘A Little Late’

Commenting on their release frontman Tom explains,“Despite the majority of the song’s feel, ‘A Little Late’ is a blatant love song. It’s an attempt to try and tap into the emotions and the comfort that certain people can surround you with, and articulate that into any sort of sense, or anything that you could maybe start to comprehend. And of course, that ultimately results in failure, and the constant circling of emotionally dense waffle. It’s trying to capture that moment, that feeling, when something can be everything and nothing at the same time.”

“You can think of it, and translate it to lots of different things, lots of different experiences, but it really just brings to light the realisation of how lucky you can be sometimes. I think the majority of people don’t tend to think about the things they take for granted very often, and that’s a great shame really.”

“But in the case of ‘A Little Late’, when you put this into the context of a relationship, it’s very rare and quite bizarre, to feel and see others completely happy and comfortable and young and in love and aaallll these things… Without ever questioning commitment or being scared to take ‘the next step’, to put it very ‘Rom-Com’. Coining the phrase ‘To be born a little late’ or to be ‘living ahead of your time’, seemed a very fitting and beautiful way to encompass such a

Make sure to have a listen down below!

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