With their steady flow of single releases this year such as ‘English Weather’ and ‘Insomnia’, Fick As Fieves are rounding off their year with their newest video and single ‘Poison Ivy’.‘Poison Ivy’ from its opening brings a reckless, headstrong riff to the table, offering a fast indie rock style approach to the bold track. Even if the riff does seem slightly repetitive as the track moves forward, vocalists Archie and Harry use their distinctive voices to detract from the backing riffs and offer something new and interesting to the track as it progresses. Encompassing a smooth finesse with a subtle rugged edge, ‘Poison Ivy’ isn’t just another indie track. Instead it’s edges of hopelessness mixed into the strong formula of the track makes it stand out, alongside its strong musicality and catchy hooks.

Fick As Fieves are tearing up their local Suffolk scene and are certain to branch out nationally, perhaps even internationally over the next year with their inherent catchy hooks and upbeat individual styles. Already in the loop of upcoming new bands, Fick As Fieves have the potential to steal the attention of many new audiences over the next year. Certainly a band to look out for.

Rating: 9/10

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