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Sittingthesummerout, aside from having no spaces, consists of vocalist Samir Batista. Dimitri Sironi and Luca Della Foglia on Guitar, Andrea Daniele on Drums and Cristina Lietti on Bass,Hailing from Milan, Batista named the act in 2015, following a difficult Summer, which he reveals “cemented the concept that summer, as a season, wasn’t meant for me.”

First of all, ‘Nothing Changes In Baltimore’, the opening track of the EP that is destined to set the tone of the EP. At first, the partial spoken/singing combination does create the smallest sense of doubt about the song. However, when the chorus kicks in, everything about the track fits together producing a strong emotion filled track that clearly will leave a lasting effect through the entire EP itself. An interesting side of this EP in terms of vocals is the stylistic distant, almost hopeless vocals that truly help explore the meaning of the tracks.

Highlighted in ‘Permanence’, the distinct emotion makes this track stand out, as does every track. ‘It Won’t Rain Forever’ has a brilliant emotive chorus with strong emotion coming from all sections vocally as well as instrumentally whereas ‘Dry, Dry June’ leading into ‘To Those Concerned’ brings a linking factor to the EP, something else that cleverly shows the intricacy of the EP. ‘To Those Concerned’ is ‘a song about friendship, about worrying where you’re going with your life,and what those friends you hold dearest are doing with theirs’ and this idea is strongly presented in all aspects of the track, helping this lead single give a good look into what one can expect from ‘Brick and Mortar;

For an album to incorporate different styles of emotion, Sittingthesummerout have created something that isn’t so typical in today’s music scene. Within this album, there isn’t one song that doesn’t stand out, and each track brings something interesting to the table. Sittingthesummerout clearly put their heart into this EP, something that is reflected and should be heard.

Rating: 9.5/10

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