Weekend Recovery are a 4-piece punk-rock band already creating a buzz in the scene after being signed to Headcheck Records after only forming a year ago.

‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ has the foundations to be a strong punk rock track, and it has its moments of punk rock power brutality throughout! However, points do come through where the power of both angsty vocals and kicking backing guitar riffs do begin to clash against each other towards the chorus. The two aspects almost fight against each other instead of blending smoothly at the chorus like the do throughout the rest of the track. Yet, clearly throughout the rest of the track, Weekend Recovery certainly have a real kick to their sound.

With a bit of work, Weekend Recovery could have a great track and no doubt they will keep on creating great stuff for the future. The single has its good points and highlights Weekend Recovery’s punk rock realness.

Rating: 6/10

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