The next rising band of the scene right now, Chapel, have just released their debut EP ‘Sunday Brunch’. After three successful singles and a run of shows across America and the UK in the last year, this album is make or break for Chapel.

Chapel are often compared to hit duo Twenty One Pilots, with similar vocals and electronics similar to ‘Regional At Best’. However, Chapel emphasise in this EP that they are more than just a comparison. Opening track ‘Cindy White’ brings along a cheerful dance track that brings a catchy beat and rhythm to its eccentric, colourful sound.

Even the tracks that cleverly fall into the middle of the extremes fit the flow of the EP. Single ‘We’ve Got Soul’ brings the middle ground of the EP keeping a clear balance of slower elements and faster, eccentric beats similar to hooks and drops featured in ‘Miss Monogamy’. Yet, tracks on the slower, more emotive side bring a strong rhythm with string bursting vocals in ‘Fools Gold’ to the more reclusive quieter sound of ‘See You Again’. Chapel cleverly bring a variety of different sounds to this EP, almost like a Sunday brunch has different elements, so does this EP.

Through their year of touring, ‘Sunday Brunch’ has been a highly anticipated EP and lives up to all expectations received. Chapel aren’t afraid to mix eclectic electronic styles with more conventional pop/rock styles which makes them stand out. With its stylish synth-pop hooks and incredible production efforts, ‘Sunday Brunch’ was worth the wait, and is definitely worth a listen.

Rating: 8.5/10

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