Once Almost Never have just released their new EP ‘Escape Velocity’. Bringing along a new mix of what they call ‘Spacecore’, the band are ready to bring their new style to the table…

‘Escape Velocity’ brings a creative mix of ‘space rock’, a new atmospheric style just emerging into the scene, while still incorporating heavier elements through vocals and various instrumental patterns. ‘Terror-Firma’ is one of the more atmospheric ‘space rock’ tracks on the album, with a smooth blend of heavy vocals while still bringing a subtle electronic addition in the backing.

Opener ‘Life’ and closing track ‘Aurora’ pack the album together well, with ‘Life’ bringing a slower, conceptual opening while ‘Aurora’ brings a heavier, yet more emotion filled close its to the album. Lead track ‘85ft’ is notably the track with the greatest velocity in terms of power and energy. Through the track, the hard rocking energy never falls and keeps a high standout track that branches off into the rest of the EP.

While their are more space rock elements in instrumental opener ‘Life’ or in their more vocal track ‘Mirage’, it almost seems as if Once Almost Never are holding themselves back and retreating into a more generic style at some points of the EP. However, for their debut into Spacecore, this is a good foundation for the band to work off.

It’s clear that Once Almost Never have their own creative idea. While this small idea may be floating around the music scene through other bands, Once Almost Never are bringing their own heavier style to the mix, making it their own and ready to push it even further into the aether.

Rating: 7/10

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