Down at The Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton, we caught Influens, SID, Disarm Goliath, RAM and Hostile at their show on October 21st!

First on the bill for the night were heavy rock band Influens. It often seems that being the first support of the night can hinder a performance and sadly, Influens fell victim to this. While it was clear they were on time and played their tracks well musically, their stage presence lacked. Whether it was due to the smaller crowd or smaller stage, the bands energy lacked which did bring down the performance.

SID were the next local band on the stage who brought a little comedy before their set  began and one of their members donning a rather vibrant red and black suit and face paint. At first, it seems SID are lacking the energy needed to bring up the audiences attention, however, the energy did increase slightly throughout the set with the band playing some pretty good solos and having a little fun on stage.

Sometimes being the band in the middle of a lineup can be daunting, having to stand out and set the bar for the next acts. Luckily this is something Disarm Goliath excelled at. From the start, the band brought an influx of fiery energy to their set, with high levels of audience participation to gain the attention of their audience as well as keeping the energy and communication with each other on stage. 

Swedish metal band RAM took to the stage next with a clear small crowd of fans already present. RAM certainly brought their all to this performance, communicating with the audience and clearly having fun during their set.

Headliners Of the night Hostile show from the beginning just why they are headlining the show. From start to end there was never a drop in energy from Hostile, with brutal vocals and great playing through every track. It is notable that Hostile arent afraid to involve their audience within their songs, with the band getting the venue     to chant, sing and start waving their middle fingers in the air. Hostile definitely gave all their energy into their set and gave a pretty good performance through the night.

Gig rating: 3/5

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