The Time Framed are a rising rock band in the changing music scene. With an upcoming EP ‘Chrono Dementia’ Out soon, we got to talk to the band about their new release!

Hello! Welcome to Euphoria Of Breakdown! Could you please introduce yourself and what you do in The Time Framed?

Jeremy: Hi! My name is Jeremy Benjamin. I play guitar, stomp on effects pedals, and make vocal noises for the band. Behind the scenes, I am the Creative Ideas Department and the President of Scapegoats.

Britt: My name is Britt Kay and I play bass guitar. Behind the scenes, I manage the social media pages, marketing and advertising, and getting merchandise together and created.

Brandon: My name is Brandon Chauncey and I play the drums and sing backup


You all came together after being a part of different projects. What lead you to become a band together?

Jeremy: I met Britt in another band and we quickly gained a mutual respect for each others’ vision. She taught herself bass (with a little help from yours truly) so that we could make our shared idea a reality. We had been acquainted with Brandon for some time before he jumped on stage with us and played like he’d been a part of the group all along. At this point, I consider him my best friend.

Britt: He says I taught myself bass. He really taught me music theory and how to play, I just existed.

Have you always aspired to be musicians, and who inspired you to start playing an instrument for the first time?

Jeremy: I’ve always been interested in playing music. As a kid I would noodle on my grandmother’s keyboard and drum on desks at school. My best friend from middle school got a guitar for his birthday and naturally I had to have one too. After perpetual begging, my mom caved and got me a guitar for Christmas.

Britt: I went to school with the intention of working in a forensic lab. After getting my Masters in Forensic Biochemistry, I went through a weird “I don’t know what I’m doing with my life but I don’t know if I want to do this anymore” period. Also, I had left an abusive relationship and used writing songs as therapy which sparked my interest in wanting to pick up bass guitar. I had had one for numerous years, just never did anything with it. Finally decided to pick it up one day and the rest is history.

Brandon: I started when I was 7 and my dad was doing drum rolls, which I found interesting, and from there he taught me how to use gravity in order to play fast. He then handed me a book, I believe it was a dictionar,y and I started trying to play a drum roll myself. The rest from there is history

You’re on the verge of releasing your new EP ‘Chrono Dementia’, where did the EP title come from?

Jeremy: I was trying to figure out how to express the concept of excessive time-travelling to the point of subtly causing time itself to break apart and do as of yet unknown things. If you think about how songs tend to define segments of our life, listening to music is a lot like time-travelling so it’s kind of a reflection of my deep underlying desire to have our music heard and loved in an infinite loop until new possibilities present themselves as reality.

Where did the inspirations come for each of the tracks?

Jeremy: Most songs by The Time Framed are the product of my nightmares and the lyrics to Limited Infinity are largely influenced by techniques I use to ground myself after waking up. Tiny Wolves was inspired by my awareness of the patterns in the nature of fear mongers. There are so many different things to fear without hope that I got the mental image of millions of little itty bitty wolves out on the hunt for my peace of mind and self content. Weird First is my outlook on life: let’s avoid the clichés, let’s be unique, and most importantly if you start weird you’re allowed to get comfortable with being that way. Inverted Timelines was inspired by a dream where I kept dying and re-spawning before my previous self was fully dead. In a couple of these I actually blinked into a copy of myself in a kind of instant replay where I got to see myself die too suddenly to have a dramatic self reflective monologue with my new self. The inspiration for Split the Heavens was both a dream and a concept that was stuck in my head. I dreamt of the universe turning off in segments, then exploding back to life in another big bang. I wanted to capture some of the emotions of that without doing a slow progression into silence just to have a noisy explosion. At the same time, I couldn’t get the ideas of “a sword that split the heavens” and “the pen is mightier than the sword” out of my mind so I smashed them together.

Have you ever faced any struggles while being a part of ‘The Time Framed’?

Jeremy: We recorded a 3 song demo just before starting the phase of having trouble keeping members. It was originally going to be our debut EP but we rushed through it and weren’t able to really showcase who we are with the tracks, so we missed out on quite a few opportunities there. Later, when bands were breaking up daily around here, I made a solo set as a fall back to avoid having to cancel gigs. We even tried the 2 piece thing a few more times but it ended up creating more resistance than progress in the local scene with venues and bookers. Note to self: a 30 minute pirate song with a plot fit for an episode of Rick and Morty doesn’t entertain a sports bar…

Brandon: Well there was one time I went to plug Jeremy’s guitar amp in while producing the EP, but the prong to the plug was bent and I chipped my tooth bending it back to normal.

Finally, for any new fans reading, how would each of you describe your band in three words?

Jeremy: Self fulfilling prophecy

Britt: Bored with normal

Brandon: An incredible journey

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