Rising from the ashes of post-hardcore band Brighthaven, Swedish rock band Noija are on the verge of releasing their debut album ‘Colourblind’. After forming in 2016, the rock quartet have been working on their brand new album and are now on the verge of releasing their brand new work.

Through this album, Noija capture their own personal style throughout ‘Colorblind’, exploring their own style and pathways in their debut album. The band clearly show a strength of bringing a vivid atmosphere to their tracks through subtle intricate details and instrumentals in the background of the tracks. Lead single ‘Unknown’ and ‘Wallflower’ help bring a subtle hint of emotion into the back as well as the emotive vocals that protrude throughout the tracks. An impressive factor about this album is that each song brings something different. While the three singles ‘Unknown’, ‘A Touch From The Sun’ and ‘Can’t Slow Down’ bring an idea of what the overall album will sound like, each track on the album is different in its own individual way.

On the other hand, not all the tracks on this album bring quick fire energy. Tracks such as ‘Just Hold Your Breath’ and ‘Pictures’ bring a softer side to the album. Despite the tracks being more simplistic, the focus of the emotional vocals and instrumentals bring a greater depth to the album overall as well as the singular tracks itself. Once again, Noija’s subtle details come through with a singular repeated note in ‘Just Hold Your Breath’ and other little extras such as electronic repetitions in faster, heavier tracks such as ‘Follow’. It’s clear throughout ‘Colorblind’ that Noija know how to leave an impact. While there is the odd track that may not leave as much as an impact as others, the emotive feel is present through all 11 tracks.

For a debut album, Noija are not afraid to explore their own sound with both subtle and deeper meanings. ‘Colorblind’ brings a real spark of energy and brings a beautiful atmosphere throughout the album showing the originality and potential that Noija bring. ‘Colorblind’ is an album to listen to, as this band certainly have what it takes to go far.

Rating: 9/10

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