After winning ‘Best Band’ at the Unsigned Music Awards hosted by Box Online Radio, alt-rock band MKII are on the verge of releasing their debut EP very soon. However, to give an insight into what their music will sound like, MKII have released their lead single ‘Breaking Out’ to the world.

From the start of ‘Breaking Out’, it’s clear to see why MKII won ‘Best Band’. The track itself clearly incorporates their musical influences of Muse and Royal Blood, while still keeping their own style deeply rooted into their style and sound. The catchy, simplistic rock infused chorus fits well alongside the more technical verses creating a fiery mixture of creative alt-rock.

MKII have set the bar high with ‘Breaking Out’ and we can only expect greater things from their upcoming EP. Make sure to stay up to date wih MKII, as they certainly have the potential to get far.

Rating: 9/10

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