One thing that’s certainly in the back of our minds right now, it Maypine’s new EP ‘In The Back Of My Mind’. Hailing from Eastbourne on the South Coast of England, Maypine are slowly building up through the scene of Brighton and are ready to move on to even bigger things.

One thing that never ceases from the tracks, is the fast paced, upbeat tracks such as ‘A Little Sooner’ and ‘Day After Day’. Both these tracks bring along a strong sense of vivacious spirit with a clear reminder of their pop-punk style. Heavy baselines featured in ‘Inside Out’ and slower bridges of the tracks such as ‘North/South Divide’ help highlight how Maypine are able to cleverly incorporate little differences into each of their tracks.


Yet, the issue that arises with a few of the tracks on this EP is a slight lack of depth. While the tracks start to break into a more complex pattern and style, sadly it appears that some of the tracks lack just a little something more. However, some tracks such as acoustic track ‘Never Far Apart’ do begin to breakthrough into that depth that just skims the surface kn the other tracks. ‘Never Far Apart’ truly stands out on this EP, with clear vocals and a stripped back feel that developed over he course of the track into something heavier and more technical.

Overall, at some points of the EP, there is a lack of depth within songs, something that Maypine are close to breaking through but not quite yet through this EP. Make sure to listen to the EP, as Maypine certainly have the motivation and have some big things ahead of them.

Rating: 7/10


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