Fire On The Roof, the latest band to fire out new music has dropped their new self-titled EP ‘Fire On The Roof’.

First track ‘Tell Me’ itself stays true to the rock sound that Fire On The Roof are certainly beginning to bring across. A slight downside to this track however, is that it seems to be missing a certain level of depth which does hinder the track ever so slightly. Even with a slight hindrance, the groovy bridge leading into a kicking breakdown towards the end of the track adds a little twist to the track, making it more memorable that initially thought.

More mellow track, ‘London Sunset’, brings a more ‘bluesy indie’ vibe to the track, appearing a lot slower than the faster tracks from the EP. Even though the track is slower compared to its counterparts, the track still brings along a fitting style that helps it slot nicely among the other two tracks. Electric Sheep, an eclectic track with a simplistic pattern  that also brings well fitting lyrics and style for the track. ‘Electric Sheep’ brings a good end to the EP and definitely ends on a high note.

All three of these tracks bring a nostalgic rock feel in some way or another. Although it seems as if something is missing from the tracks at points, it does work in their favour, especially through more light and airy tracks such as ‘London Sunset’

Rating: 7/10


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