Bringing along a new single from their new album ‘Still Life On Fire’ are Canadian indie band Mise En Scene. After forming in 2012, the three piece have encountered multiple changes before the release of their second album ‘Still Life On Fire’.

Their latest single ‘Waster’ brings along a strong indie vibe with elements of rock, new wave and post-punk trickling throughout. Incorporating a strong 90’s vibe into a hateful rock track really emphasises the type of music and style they do best. The video itself also shows the bands creative streak, creating a rather strange but interesting video of a day in the life or a spoiled rich girl living in a crossover between Marie Antionette and the modern day.

The track and video together show the creativity Mise En Scene bring as well as the dedication to their 90’s rock style they bring to their music. This track is  catchy, well made and certainly worth a listen.

Rating: 8/10


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