A band certainly grabbing our attention right now are none other than rock band Offended By Everything. The Dallas based 5 piece are beginning to make waves with their debut EP ‘Never Too Late To Start Again’ and

The bands first leading single ‘22’ has already reached 1.9k views since its debut in June and has both an original acoustic and a newly recorded album version on their EP ‘Never Too Late To Start Again’. The bands full debut EP brings a professional level of production and writing that some bands take years to achieve. Fast paced tracks such as ‘What’s So Great About Hollywood’ and ‘Easterlin’ bring the high impact of ‘pop-punk’ in a way that has originality and emotion.


On the other hand, acoustic sides such as ‘The Golden Years’ and the original version of ‘22’ brings a raw sense of emotion that prove Offended By Everything are willing to incorporate a sense of raw vulnerability and emotion into their tracks. Every track Offended By Everything put out gives off a sense of potential as well as energy and enthusiasm.

If you haven’t listened to Offended by Everything yet, you definitely should as this is a band you don’t wanna miss. Check them out at: 

Facebook: Offendedband

Instagram: OffendedBand

Twitter: @Offendedband

Youtube: Offended By Everything


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