Fireballs hottest band of 2017, Sweet Little Machine, are set to come out and release their brand new EP ‘Monsters’ this October. Sweet Little Machine bring what they call an ‘old school’ version of pop-punk to their record, something ‘poppy, catchy and easy to sing along to’, which definitely comes through in their new record.

One thing Sweet Little Machine manage to capture in their tracks, is a fast paced and catchy chorus in almost all tracks. ‘Miracles’ brings a catchy atmosphere with a perfectly balanced pace throughout and some pretty killer vocals. Even in ending track ‘A Day Too Soon’, there is a catchy hook that you’ll be singing round your head for days that is perfectly captured among the acoustic atmosphere the song holds.

However, in tracks such as opener ‘Kill The Hero’, it would appear that the vocals of the track are almost lost behind a sea of guitars and basslines. Whether this was a purpose style choice, it is a shame to lose the good sounding vocals at times. On the other hand, this issue only seems to be present in ‘Kill The Hero’ and is styled in a way that works in its favour, for example title track ‘Monsters’ with its added gang vocals in the chorus to giveit a boosted vocal impact.

At times during the EP, Sweet Little Machine like to change the style of their music towards the end of different songs. ‘D!ckwad’ gives a a pop-punk vibe which changes into more of a fast paced indie track, stripping back parts of the original element. This does take away the repetitiveness that does occur through the song however, so it brings a refreshing change to the track.

Sweet Little Machine have certainly brought together a good mixture of tracks for their new EP and certainly have something to show. Despite the odd flaws here and there, this EP has a good potential that should certainly be seen by the world.
Rating: 7/10


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