Playing the sixth date on their tour, Milestones and The Gospel Youth took to Birmingham’s The Flapper along with two local bands, Thank The Academy and Beaumont.

First on the bill were local Birmingham band, Thank The Academy. While promoting their new record ‘Navigation’ the band also put on a good warmup set, bringing a variety of fast and slow paced songs to intrigue the crowd. However, while the energy from their lead vocalist was high, at times energy seemed to lack from the rest of the band. This could have been due to nerves or the smaller stage, but it did bring the energy down a bit overall at times.

Second local supports for the show were Digbeth based band Beaumont. Beaumont brought great energy to their set, even with their more melancholic sound and brought a great show to the crowd (and fans) during the set. Playing songs old and new, Beaumont managed to bring a new side to their music in a live sense compared to their recorded style and certainly brought a good set to the show.

First of the two headliners The Gospel Youth’ took to the stage in a slightly different way to most. The Gospel Youth opened their set with one of their sadder and slower songs ‘I Will Deliver You To The Fireflies’ yet still captured the hearts of fans watching them from the first second. It is clear that from the very start of the show, even through their sadder songs, the energy was impeccable and never dropped once during their show.

Through every song, be it ‘Lighting Fires’, ‘Stay Positive’ or any song of their set brought raw emotion throughout. Giving a sense of raw vulnerability to the crowd, the band brought a strong connection to their fans, especially through one of their most emotive tracks of the night, ‘The Hospital Blues You Gave To Me’. Throughout the whole song, a high level of personal emotion was brought, proving just how dedicated the band are and that they are willing to present full emotion in their tracks.

Even towards the end of their set, the energy and emotion never hindered. Despite the smaller stage and vocalist Sam almost tripping over his microphone wires a few times, the passionate spirit of the band kept going. Second to last track ‘Kids’ brought such radiating energy, that the whole crowd was moving at some point during the track while closing track and lead single from ‘Always Lose’, ‘Moods Like English Weather’, ended their set on a high note with high vigor and vitality from both the crowd. Overall, The Gospel Youth put on a great show that hows their own individual spark.

From beginning to end, closing headliners Milestones never dropped the the energy once during their set. Opening with fast paced track ‘Hindsight’, the band played with full spirit even through second track ‘Nothing Left’. An issue the band have had to face over the tour, is playing completely new unheard songs and still keeping the energy high in both the band and the audience yet this was never an issue for the band during their set as they kept the audience up and going while building excitement for their new upcoming record.

New tracks such as ‘Eighteen’ and ‘Paranoid’ brought great enthusiasm from both the performance and the audience as a response. All the new songs Milestones played fit in well with the set and certainly brought a positive response and an added hype for their album coming out early next year.

Even with new tracks bringing a new light to their set, there’s no way that the old songs were bring left behind. Being the final time Milestones were to play Equal Measures in full, the band gave it their all with their most well known tracks ‘Shot In The Dark’ and ‘Call Me Disaster’ alike. With their two most well known singles, Milestones went all out in terms of performance and energy and certainly ended their set and the night better than ever.
Gig rating: 4.5/5


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