In early June 2017, dark alt-rock band Antighost released their first album ‘Creatures’ after their debut EP ‘Wolves & Sheep’ in 2016. ‘Creatures’ offers many different sides to Antighost giving them their chance to show what they have to a new audience.

The album features a lot of different styles, ranging from soft acoustic tracks to heavier pop-punk tracks. Tracks such as opener ‘The Lunar Months’ bring along a softer edge to the album. These acoustic style ballads are present at different points in the album, with ‘Asleep Today’ and ‘Goodbye’ bringing an unexpected acoustic feel to the album without being specific acoustic versions of other tracks.

However, an issue with some tracks such as ‘Asleep Today’ and even faster tracks such as ‘House Of Farms’, is that occasionally it can be a little repetitive as the track goes on. This isn’t to say that this occurs through all songs. ‘Ugly World’ brings one of the darkest tones to the album with its lower guitar patterns and an angry kicking chorus that still manages to encapsulate the darker tone of the track.

Most of the tracks do link well, with tracks such as ‘Death By Surveillance’, a more pop-punk styled track, leading onto slightly darker track ‘Cold Light’. The interesting thing about ‘Cold Light’ is its ability to mix the styles of the previous tracks of ‘Ugly World’ and ‘Death By Surveillance’ and bring a perfect balance of the light and dark tones provided by both tracks.

On the other hand, there are times when the tracks create a little too much of a contrast. The jump from the calming softer musicality of ‘Love Letter To Alien Nation’ to a high paced punk rock track ‘The Juniors’ is a little too different and offers an overpowering contrast to tracks. Nevertheless, the two tracks still have their strengths. To create an interlude that captures emotion without set  lyrics can be hard, but Antighost manage to grab an atmospheric approach to their interlude, experimenting with both an electronic side and echoing lyrics from their emotional outpouring of ‘Asleep Today’.

One thing that Antighost do very well in this album, is carrying on the feel of a track into the next. The transition from tracks such as ‘The Lunar Months’ into ‘Patient Zero’ highlight the idea Antighost bring to their concept album. The band also creatively create a cyclical album with ‘Lullaby For…’ leading back to opener ‘The Lunar Months’ enhancing their concept album and ideas well.

Every track has something different. Whether it be a slow acoustic ballad, or a darker alt-rock vibe, every track has something different to offer with no two tracks being the same. While some of the style changes are a bit random from song after song, Antighost are certainly exploring their styles and showing just what they can produce in one solid album.

Rating: 8.5/10









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