Americana band JD & The Straight Shot are preparing to release their new acoustic album ‘Good Luck and Good Night’ on September 15th 2017. We had the chance to talk to Back-up singer, violinist and fiddler for the band Erin Slaver about her work in the band and her inspirations for starting music. Make sure to check out the band here:

Hey Erin! Can you introduce yourself and what you do in JD & The Straight Shot?

I’m Erin – sing background vocals, play fiddle and violin, and co-write the music in JD & The Straight Shot!

Have you always wanted to be a musician? What inspired you to start making music?

I think I was born with the music bug. My father was a guitarist and I started learning the violin when I was three years old.. My mother enrolled me in a Suzuki music program and I loved it, training classically from the time I was a child throughout my college years. I also grew up playing music (country/bluegrass/jazz) with my father. As a duo we’d perform on weekends and give concerts throughout our community.  I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t love music


JD & The Straight Shot’s new album ‘Good Luck and Good Night’ is out on September 15th. Can you tell us about it and about the decision to make it a fully acoustic record?

It is our second album to capture our strictly acoustic sound and arrangements.  It’s groovy in a way that reflects our vibe together as a live band.  Marc Copely, our music director and lead guitar player, was behind the board producing, so there was a very intimate and familiar ear guiding the sound. And it’s refreshing! There is nothing like acoustic voices and instruments, thoughtfully arranged, expertly captured, and conveying an emotional intention. 


After the band’s release of ‘Ballyhoo!’ In 2015, how does ‘Good Luck and Good Night’ differ in sound?

We have all been touring and co-writing together now for several years and we spent some time touring and playing a lot of these new songs live before we took them into the studio. We wanted the music to feel “lived in.”  By the time we were making the record, we all had a pretty good sense of what what was going to work and what wasn’t. 


You offer a variety of different elements in the band such as back-up singer, violinist and fiddler. When recording and performing, do these all have a similar workload for you, or do they vary?

Yes,we try to record the album as we would perform the pieces live; meaning I am playing and singing all the same parts I’ll be playing and singing during our live show. This way, no one is going to buy our record and hear a bunch of studio musicians and built up tracks and then be disappointed during our live show. Our record is a 100% genuine representation of our live performance.


If you had to describe JD & The Straight Shot in three words, what words would you use?

Acoustic, authentic, Americana. (3 words and an alliteration!! ha)

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