Paul Lynch is an alternative folk artist from London, UK. The track ‘Searching For The Answer’ was created by Paul himself using just a guitar, trumpet and some indie folk style vocals (with a little beatboxing by Pieman)

The song itself is quite quaint, however, elements of the track don’t always seem to mix together in the best way. The track itself is quite basic, which isn’t a bad thing. The lyrical aspect of the track is very well written with a good theme throughout yet it seems the rest of the track doesn’t quite fit. While at first the beatboxing and trumpet may sound good, instead of melding together in the chorus, it just seems to separate and different. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t always work, as during the calmer, more quaint verses, this does work well and is a positive focus to work on.

This issue with this track is that it doesn’t flow as it needs to and just seems all thrown in without any real way of going together. The track has its good parts as the verses are well structured and the lyrical concept is good. With a bit more work, Paul Lynch’s next tracks can be even better and hopefully things can only go up from here!

Rating: 4/10

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