Back with a knack for passion and musicality come britrock band Beaumont. After touring with many bands such as Roam, A Loss For Words and State Champs and their outstanding previous release of ‘Nothing’ in 2016, the band have progressed to release their second EP ‘Honestly’ on September 15th 2017.

The bands jazzy melodic aspects flow throughout ‘Honestly’ in all its glory, with tracks such as ‘Satellites’ and ‘Hurler’ bringing standout elements of the EP. Opening track ‘Happiness Joy’ bring across a high energy track that almost encompasses the feel of Snow Patrol’s hit ‘Chasing Cars’. Despite the high energy, the lead single itself is about vocalist Spencer Edmonds struggle with ‘going through a rough patch mentally’. Despite the sadder lyrical aspects, the track itself is about ‘happiness winning over sadness’, bringing a strong start to the EP. Bringing along a more indie style, comes the track of Satellites, bringing what seems a slower atmosphere, capturing their melancholic twists among their different and unusual style.

Slow opener ‘Hurler’ transitions from a slow, calming opening into one of the more pop-punk toned tracks of the EP while ‘Rosemary’ brings back the same slower atmospheric qualities of ‘Satellites’ which also follows through to ‘Dependant’. Final track ‘Runners High’ brings a good close to the track, bringing what we have already heard previously with its own little differences that make it it’s own track in the EP.

Honestly speaking, ‘Honestly’ incorporates a good, gritty sort of feel will still holding on to the smoother, darker tones that were presented in Beaumont previous EP ‘Nothing’. Honesty is something we all need to have, and ‘Honestly’ is something everyone needs to have a listen to.

Rating: 8/10


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