Bellevue are a pop-punk band hailing from Canada. Describing themselves as ‘alternative band drawing influences from all over the spectrum’, Belleuve have a 12 song album in the works and have just released their single ‘Counting Stars’

‘Counting Stars’ is clearly a pop-punk track from the opening drums and guitar riffs. The track itself is catchy, energetic and is a great opening to demonstrate just what Bellevue have to offer in their music.The thing that lets down this track is that the vocals fade into the track which makes it difficult to hear sometimes. However, the track still catchy and energetic.

The video itself shows Bellevue playing the song while a few clips of an estranged girl lurking from time to time. The video is a good introduction into who sings and does what in  Bellevue. Overall, this track is good and is certainly a pretty good intro into the band and what they have next.

Rating: 7/10


Credit: http://www.snelseyphotos.com

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