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British band Bloody English are a five piece rock band fresh out of London (if you couldn’t tell by the name!) With two current singles out and more to come off their self titled EP, Bloody english are slowly building up their listeners through their different punk styles.

Already released tracks ‘Racket’ and ‘Fuck Off’ bring a an interesting angst-punk style to their lyrics, with ‘Racket’ certainly accentuating the rioting and rebellious lyrics to  its more basic backing. The lyrics of the track are a little random and all over the place, however, with the style presented in the track, these random bursts of rambunctious lyrics fit very well alongside.

As for the rest of the EP, ‘Be Like’ brings strong baselines also presented in the other tracks. ‘Be Like’ seems to bring more of an indie element to the punk genre likability of Bloody English whereas ‘Down The Dose’ truly brings in a more hard rock element. ‘Madness In The Mountains’ is once again, another good track, but hard to hear vocals at the chorus which is a bit of a let down in the track sadly. Each track is different in its own way, but does bring similar bass lines and vocal aspects sometimes that can get a little repetitive when listening to all the tracks as a whole yet this can be excused thanks to the other great aspects of the tracks.

From the first listen, Bloody English will get you hooked on their fiery angst filled lyrics and their raw punk vocal aspects. While there are only two singles at the moment, keep a watch on Bloody English for even more awesome punk tracks.

Rating: 8.5/10

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