‘Don’t Breathe A Word’ is a very quaint folk song from independent singer/songwriter Ben Bateman. Hailing from the north-east, this debut track is the starting point for the aspiring singer.

The guitar work is well done and creates a steady melody throughout the track. The single guitar backing gives it the folk/indie vibe and more calm tone to the song. With this track, there is nothing too cluttered or confusing as the song is very simplistic. However, this works well as it adds more focus onto the vocals of the track instead of everything in the background.

For a debut release the recording is a little off with the vocals sounding clearer than the accompanying guitar in the back. Overall, the track could be better if the recording was at a higher level, but for a smaller musician’s debut single, this is something to learn from and is a mistake everyone makes. This track is a good starting point for Ben Bateman and will send him far if he keeps going.

Rating: 6.5/10


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