PRAYTOKEEPepcover.jpg Pray To Keep, the alternative rock band from Philadelphia have just released their brand new self-titled EP ‘Pray To Keep. Bringing along high passion and emotion to their songs, this is certainly a job well done for Pray To Keep.Opener ‘Headstone Lottery’ starts with a ‘surround sound’ feel, in almost a hospital setting. The opening is lengthy, bt builds up into a good, calming vocal track. As the track moves, the chorus is good with build up emotion and clear liveliness. However, the chorus does appear a little cluttered with everything together at once which is a slight let down on the track. Moving on to ‘Bitter Half’ the song once again opens with the same surround sound feel as ‘Headstone Lottery’. This time, the opening appears a little darker and deeper which shows a transition as the EP progresses. The track itself  features Fred Mascherino from Taking Back Sunday who adds a nice little twist to the song itself while still keeping the same essence produced in the previous track.

Middle track ‘The Sincerest For Of Flattery’ once again brings a long, dragging opening with a darker feel, emphasising the EP’s progression.Bringing a more intense potency to this track,it offers something different and starts to divert a little from the calming side shown in the previous tracks. While listening to this EP, ‘Side Effects May Include’ captivating interests and a new love for this track. It’s pretty clear that Pray To Keep do like their longer openings, so it’s no surprise that ‘Side Effects May Include’ has one of the longest openings of the EP. Despite the longevity of the opening, the track still upkeeps the vibrancy of the EP. This track is probably one of the most distinct of the album, being so short yet packing full power and energy leads to a short burst of vivacity to the second to last track of the EP.

Closing track ‘Class Of ’97 (Graduation Pact)’ doesn’t have the same prolonged increase of the rest of the songs, and instead introduces a more sudden drive of energy in the track. This track is also a little different but one thing that is a little disappointing is that when the talking sections come towards the end of the song, it is quite hard to hear what is said which does affect the track a little. However, the track is still a great closing track as the track has a prolonged fade-out which keeps the heightened impact of the track leading to a pretty good close to the album.

From the outset the track features quite tranquil vocals, fit alongside a vigour track. While sometimes it can seem a little repetitive, this album still brings great themes and emotions. This works well and creates something a little different for the concept album Pray To Keep are producing.

Rating: 7.5/10

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