Realms, the Doncaster post-hardcore rockers have just released their single ‘Wallflower’ from their upcoming EP.

At first glance, you may expect a song called ‘Wallflower’ to be a calm and cute little track but is this always the case? Not always. ‘Wallflower’ starts off with the essence that it may be a nice little acoustic ballad, before turning full pelt into a high energy fast paced post-hardcore extravaganza. Throughout the song, it’s almost as if the pace changes to offer different sides of the song and this works well in Realms’ favour, helping to accentuate a high quality track.

‘Wallflower’ is certainly a fast paced opener and really helps set the tone for Realms’ upcoming EP. Stay tuned for more news from the band about their upcoming release!

Rating: 8.5/10


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