Call Shotgun are an upcoming punk band from Plattsburg, New York. Their most recent EP Sleeping In/Staying Out was released last month and consists of two very different songs to emphasise their different style to their audience.

Opener ‘Sleeping In’ starts kind of chaotic in a good and bad way. It creates a good, high energy impact for the beginning of the song but sadly at times does make it a little cluttered. The lyrics of the track are well written and sound good alongside the song however, sometimes the vocals do lack alongside the track, but with a bit of work. The instrumentals of the track do stand out well though especially during the solo halfway through the track. ‘Staying Out’ starts a lot more mellow compared to opener ‘Sleeping In’. The track brings the complete alternate side to the EP. The track quickly picks up as it goes along, turning it into a fast paced, high energy mixture  similar to the previous track.

It seems that for Call Shotgun, the potential is there,and with a bit more work this can be truly achieved. For a two song EP, this isn’t bad and we believe that Call Shotgun have a got more to offer in the future.

Rating: 5.5/10


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