Shake Single Cover.jpg

‘People pop from planet earth’, that’s how indie rock band ‘Go Gracious’ describe their music, especially their debut track ‘Shake’.

‘Shake’ is a classic example of a high energy track. Starting with that high energy punch is important, and Go Gracious keep it up from the start. incorporating catchy choruses into ‘Shake’, this is a song that they want you to remember, and they certainly keep it in your head for a while! One thing about this track is that the lyrics don’t always make too much sense but the catchy tone of the track mean it’s hardly noticeable!


As for the video itself, it perfectly fits the high energy of the track. While only being a lyric video, it holds the essence of an actual music video with their vocalist is singing the track alongside the lyrics on-screen. While the video is blue and black and white, they video still gives a colourful appeal with the pictures that pop up such as champagne or a smiley face before the chorus.

This track is very catchy and energetic, but doesn’t always make sense. However, when you have something quite as catchy as this, does ‘making sense’ always matter? We think not.


Rating: 8/10

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