Clothes are an alternative rock band out of Hattiesberg in Missisippi. We got the chance to talk to the band about their recent release of ‘Catch Me’ and breaking house lights during shows!

Heya! Could you please introduce yourself and your role in the band to our readers?

Spencer: I play keys and sing.

Ethan: I’m Ethan Manning and I am one of three guitarists in the band

Chandler:I’m Chandler. I play guitar

Shawn: I also play guitar.

Colin: I play the drums

John: I’m John and I play bass.

Your new single ‘Catch Me’ has been out for about a month or so, are you happy with the track and the responses you have received from it?

John: My mom said she liked it, so we’ve received major props for it so far.

Colin: yeah I guess so. We honestly haven’t been a band for very long and we are completely DIY so it hasn’t really traveled too far. But for what it is, and for what we are, I’m happy with it.

Ethan: Dude. This song jams so hard. It is definitely one of my favorites to play in our set. We’ve actually gotten a ton of positive feedback from it.

What does the song mean to you personally?

Spencer: Being able to yell “I’m still struggling” just feels good, and I hope people are able to yell that along with us. It’s okay to struggle, and I hope it helps some people let that out as well. I think that’s what music is about really—just being honest about how you really feel and expressing that.

John: “Catch Me” and all the other songs that we’ve come up with have been a blast to write and play. I normally play much more quiet and intricate music, but there’s just something about turning the amps up to 10 and rocking out with your friends that is just a blast.

You’ve hinted that you have recorded some new music, can you give us any information about when it will be released?

Shawn: yeah for sure. We haven’t set a release date yet, but we started recording this album back in may and have been working hard on it this summer. Tentatively hoping to release it by the fall.


Do you all have similar inspirations music wise? Or is it quite a different range for all of you?

Spencer: We’ve all talked about specific bands that we really feel our band could learn from. But I don’t know I feel like we listen to pretty similar stuff, or at least our musical tastes overlap somewhere.

Colin: I think we all generally enjoy the same kinds of music to some extent, which varies a whole lot. However all of us also play and write very different genres of music as well. So honestly for me I’m constantly inspired by the music that these guys write when I’m writing my parts.

Do you had any awkward/embarrassing stories from being in the band?

Chandler: one time I broke a light in the middle of a house show and I wanted to die.
Colin: everyday with them is embarrassing enough.

Do you have any plans for touring or playing any more shows soon?

Colin: we have a run of dates with our pals in goth dad coming up that we are pretty stoked about. By the way, check out goth dad.

Where would you most like to perform, if you could perform anywhere in the world?

Ethan: I would really love to play a stadium gig at least one time. Just to see how I would take it.
John: I want to release one country mega-hit and play in the Rhyman.

Can you describe your band to new fans using only song titles?

Colin: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Spencer: Dirty Little Secret
John: Let’s Get Loud by JLo


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