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In Your Prime are a 5-piece rock band fresh out of Leeds in the UK. With their debut track ’24’ now out, it’s time to see just what they have created.

’24’ starts quite calm and mellow, instantly revealing that this is gong to be more of a ballad than an upbeat track. From the start the vocals are clear as well as the guitars and drums etc throughout. However, at times in the chorus, the vocals can appear to be a little harsh and overpowering but it does help to enhance the emotional aspects in the track. While the track can appear a little repetitive as it goes along, towards the end there is a build-up, adding a little twist to the end of the track while still keeping that mellow, slower tempo.

Overall, this isn’t a bad track for In Your Prime’s debut. While there are some minor improvements that can be made, this is only the start for the band and they have a whole lot planned for the future





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