Performing at the Slade rooms on the 1st July we see 4 bands supporting headliners Our World Below?.

First on the bill are local Birmingham band Enemy Of Atlas. Coming across as your young teenage rock band it’s hard to tell if the band needs work or just the equipment. At first it was incredibly hard to hear the vocals and there was pretty bad reverb meaning it was nearly impossible to hear what was said between tracks. However, despite these issues, Enemy Of Atlas did make good use of their stage and drew in a somewhat interested crowd for their set.

Next up on the list are Rustlung, a four piece metal band from the hidden city of Kidderminster! Overall, their set was good, the vocals were clearer than before and the band played well and on time. The only criticism of the set is that sometimes it felt like the performance lacked energy somewhat throughout. However the band had great comedy, describing their songs as being about ‘sticking a fidget spinner up your arse’. Pretty good song description in our opinion.


Moving on to third supports My Brother The Wolf, the issues with times were starting to show. While this may not have been the bands fault, each band were starting later and later than their original set which caused an issue further on. Either way, from the first song, high energy was thrown across the stage from the lead vocalist (even though he did look like he was going to hit the other members) and sometimes outshone the rest of the band members in terms of energy. As well as some good drunk audience participation the set was pretty good and certainly stood out amongst the previous bands.


Final supports were ‘blackened death metal’ band Masters Call. Starting off by bringing on a hanging incense burner and proceeding to spit water onto the audience, they certainly started with a different approach to the other bands. With interesting makeup they appeared quite different to the previous bands and had a lot of audience participation, drawing down faces and using fake blood on people (even unwillingly!) Through all the stage presence the band did play pretty well, even if it wasn’t to everyone’s taste and drew in a good crowd for their set.



Finally, headliners Our World Below? come to the stage ready to perform, even if their audience may have decreased compared to the previous bands. It’s clear from the start that there may have been technical issues with the performance through the instruments such as bass and microphone. Either way, the band pulled through and made use of their shorter set time with lead vocalist Dave even performing whilst sitting on the bar of the barrier and singing in the audience. While the venue was full of a lot of family supporters, Our World Below? played to their strengths by getting fellow family members and friends to sing along. Our World Below? played well and kept the interest of the audience they played for and kept up their high energy throughout their set. A good final headliner before they record their new album!

Gig review: 4/5


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