The Climate Rally Earth Day 2010

Nobody would have ever ‘gnome’.Of course after all the wonderful puns about gnomes that have come from this news, its official that Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump is staring in an animated feature ‘Gnome Alone’.

It has been reported that Patrick will be playing many different voiceover roles, has composed the score and written n original song for the movie! (Big Hero 6 part 2?)

The movie itself, according to IMDB, is about a girl called Chloe who makes the shocking discovery that “her new home’s garden gnomes are not what they seem, she must decide between the pursuit of a desired high school life and taking up the fight against the Troggs.”

While there is no trailer yet, we can be sure to be excited about the animated feature. If only we had ‘gnome’ sooner!


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