Hailing from Chicago, Illinois come pop-rock band Early June. With their new EP ‘Dreamers’, they continue to fulfil their mix of pop/rock for fans both old and new!

Opening track ‘Meant For You’ opens with a happy, upbeat opening with cheery vocals and energetic instrumentals. The track itself offers a mix between pop-punk and bubblegum pop which makes an interesting mix for the EP itself as well as the track. While the lyrical theme of this song is a bit overused (love not working) it’s still a good track and works well for an opener. Second track ‘All We Have’ is slower than ‘Meant For You’ and offers more calming vocal. ‘All We Have’ offers a different side to the EP with a more motivational track that highlights the idea that ‘It takes more than a day to win the crowd’. While the instrumentals in the back are a little more upbeat, the vocals still fit smoothly with the song which is effective and words well.

‘Stay With Me’ picks the pace pack up from the slower track ‘All We Have. However, the transition isn’t massively different as the track changes pace as it calms at the verse and picks up again at the chorus. This continues through the track until the bridge where the track gives off the same calmer feel as ‘All We Have’ before once again building up towards the end. This makes it almost seem like a transition track between ‘All We Have’ and closing track ‘Whispers’ which means at points it can get a bit lost within the EP. Final track ‘Whispers’ once again features a fast paced opening like most of the EP. At first the vocals of the track do seem a little lost and out-of-place as the lighter vocals don’t always run along with the instrumentals in the background, However, as the track progresses the vocals do start to flow once again.


Overall, the EP shows the intricate mix of pop-punk and bubblegum like pop that Early June offer to their music. The EP is well produced and shows the potential of the band.With a bit more time we’re sure that we will see a massive breakthrough from Early June.

Rating: 7/10

Recommended songs: ‘All We Have’, ‘Whispers’


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