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Bringing back the image of mod music are none other than London based band The UndergrounD. We got to talk to the band about their music, inspirations and scooters!

Hey guys! Could you please introduce yourself, your role in the band , and what song you wouldn’t find on your playlist?

Hello my name is Robert Dye, I am a lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, for a song to not have on my playlist I would have to say most modern stuff I mean, don’t get me wrong I love coldplay, kaiser chiefs etc but I don’t really like house/techno music etc I’m very old school, so for me would have to be most things now a days.

Hi my name is Joe Dargis and I am a lead guitarist, a song I wouldn’t have in my playlist, really would be anything modern, I’m a very old school listener when it comes to music.

Hello my name is Leo Galeone and I play bass, the song that would not be on my set list would be Justin Bieber – Baby, I hate that song I don’t know why it’s just one of those songs that annoy me.



You currently have three tracks available on your website, is there anything particular within these songs you want to get across to your audience?

Robert Dye: I think with our songs we have out so far, we want people to get that old classic sound but with a bit of a modern day twist to the songs, so for example The Who with maybe a mix of perhaps maybe a bit of Coldplay influence, especially with the piano/organ stuff, and maybe the Arctic Monkeys for some of their drumming and bass lines. But really we just make sure our songs are catchy and have a 60s/2000s vibe in there which I hope we do.


Speaking of the tracks, you released your demo ‘Whatever the Day’ recently! How has the response been to the track so far?

Leo Galeone:  The response we have had has been fantastic, we haven’t had any bad comments about the song which is great to hear, the song has sold a few copies but really our main goal is for people to enjoy the song.




You describe yourself as wanting to ‘Bring back the mod/rock image of music’. Do you feel you want to add your own personal twist on the image as well?

Robert Dye: As a band we would love the mod culture to return, it’s what our aim is, but it would be cool to put a modern-day stamp of mod on that music for the new generations.


For you personally, what do you believe are the most important factors of the mod/rock image?

Joe Dargis: The most important thing for the image of mod, is to dress mod so for example – Fred Perrys / fishtail parkers, smart clothing really, I mean people think to be a mod you have to have a scooter but personally I don’t agree with that, there are some mods who I know that don’t own a scooter but love the lifestyle which really is what mod should be about.


And finally, for any new fans, you need to describe your band in three words (but they must be longer than five letters)!

  1. Committed
  2. Optimistic
  3. Exciting

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