The debut SAINTE EP is coming sooner than you think. SAINTE’s (Tay Jardine) new EP ‘Smile, and Wave’ will be released on Friday 30th June, the same day as the first ever SAINTE shows.

The EP artwork can be seen down below and the ep will consist of 7 tracks listed below!



1.Eyes Are Open
2. Technicolor
3. With Or Without Me
4. Feels So Wrong
5. Lighthouse
6. White Lies
7. If You Ever Feel Alone

So if you want to hear a little more of this, make sure to pre-order the EP now and check out the tour dates below!

If you want to catch SAINTE during the UK tour, make sure to get tickets on Friday 30th June

Tay explains that “The UK was the first country that I ever played a real headlining show in, so it makes sense that the first SAINTE gigs take place on English soil.”


10 – MANCHESTER Soup Kitchen
11 – LONDON Hoxton Square Bar And Kitchen

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