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Upcoming Canadian pop-punk band On The Front Line have just released their brand new single from their upcoming EP ‘Walls’ coming out this July.

The song itself opens with a fade in instrumental and has a lengthy intro before any vocals. This adds a good intro to the song before any vocals come in creating an initial build-up to the track. Yet when the vocals come in, the track turns calm, different to the build-up initially expected expect. However, the track itself perfectly accentuates the vocals of the track, adding to the depth and emotion of the track itself. This track is mixed and produced well, and keeps its strengths through the entire length of the track.

While the track isn’t the most standout, original song, it has that slight personal flare that On The Frontline add to ‘Runaway’. With some time we can hopefully see that personal twist develop into something more making this band even stronger!



The video itself consists of live recorded footage from one of their performances, showing their energetic set and performance. While at times the video may seem a bit out of time with the pace of the song, it is still a good visual show of how they perform. The video itself is also a good high quality and helps capture the atmosphere of their shows.



While the video may sometimes not entirely fit the song, it doesn’t mean it’s not good. The video is high quality and captures the band’s performance style and shows they aren’t afraid to make a humble live-performance video to showcase their new track. The song ‘Runaway’ itself is well recorded and is a great explosion of talent and potential from On The Frontline. We certainly can’t wait for the rest of their EP ‘Walls’ this July!

Rating: 8.5/10

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