South Californian band ‘In Urgency’ are ready to start tearing up the music scene after their strong release of ‘Painting Parallels’ in May 2017. Check out our interview with In Urgency about their new music, inspirations and future plans!


Hey guys welcome to Euphoria Of Breakdown! Can you please introduce yourself and your role in the band to our readers?

Chris: Vocals & Guitar

Sam: Vocals & Guitar

Javier: Drums

Mike: Bass Guitar


You recently released your album ‘Painting Parallels’ in May, how has the response been in comparison to your EP ‘The Vice Volumes’ back in 2015?

Chris: This record was a big step in a different direction. A lot of the response has been ‘unexpected but impressed’.  It’s really what we had hoped would happen.

Sam: The response has been pretty great so far. It’s hard to compare it to the EP given we were a brand new band at the time and it was our first release so we hadn’t really established any fan base yet. This time around we’ve built a strong following that was excitedly anticipating “Painting Parallels”.

Javier: The feedback has been far more in-depth & we’re grateful. It’s our first full length, and the most the most raw material I’ve ever heard my singers write. Needless to say, I’m mega proud & I hope an infinite number of people hear what Chris & Sam have to say. The level of introspection resonates with me.


A couple of the tracks on ‘Painting Parallels’ seem to be a lot different to the sound of ‘The Vice Volumes’, was this a deliberate change or did it occur naturally while writing?

Chris: I don’t think artists ever consciously think about making a ‘deliberate change’ in the sound of their music. What comes out is what comes out and if it’s something you enjoy personally and as a band, you stick with it.  We were all in a different place recording this album than we were with The Vice Volumes. It’s our personal soundtrack of the last two years of our lives.

Sam: The different sounds on this album definitely came naturally. We all listen to a lot of different kinds of music, so when we were given the opportunity to write a full length Vs. an EP it gave us a little more room to experiment. There are still songs that keep a sound reminiscent of the EP, but there’s definitely some more pop punk and more ambient, experimental tracks as well.

Javier: One deliberate change we made was improving song structure. Get to the chorus, make intelligent decisions. As the drummer, my goal was to let the lyrics breathe & add impact to the music.

Mike: These changes were definitely natural. A big factor I think to note is that I was not really involved much in writing the EP so this time around I got to bring a lot of influences and writing to the table that wasn’t present before.


 The title of the album itself and the artwork are quite interesting, can you tell us a little about the inspiration for the title and album cover?


Chris: The title came from an acoustic track turned full production for the record.   The song itself holds its own meaning whereas using it for the title of the record carries its own gravity.  The message in whole is the realization of what makes us who we are. Past, present, and future.  The artwork was an idea I had that was meant to represent a person heading into foreign, uncharted territory.  In my case, that was the darker corners of my mind. Suppressed memories, not easily approachable life experiences, dealing with real problems head on, etc. We commissioned a friend of Sam’s from college to take a stab at the idea.  We told him what I envisioned (the boy, the mountains, the ominous journey ahead) and he executed far better than I ever imagined.

Sam: Chris had a basic idea of what we should try to create as the cover art and suggested having it in an illustrative style, so I decided to pass the idea along to my friend Eric Everett whom I went to college for art and design with. He was getting really good at the digital illustration medium when we graduated a couple years ago and boy did he come through. He turned a couple general bullet points into the insane composition that ended up being the final cover. What’s even crazier is that he did the whole thing using his iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The technological advancements in design have gotten pretty insane.

You’re releasing a music video for ‘The Holy Ghost’ very soon, can you tell us a bit about the inspiration for the video?

Chris: This song tackles the internal-struggle faced by most at some point in their lives between faith and logic. Faith isn’t fact and that’s what makes keeping faith so difficult.  There are too many holes to be filled in order to make the logical person a believer of such, but then again, that’s why it’s called faith. Writing The Holy Ghost was a personal decision to put any belief system aside and concentrate on nurturing the body and soul as one, leading myself on a path of discovering what I believe on my own… me.


You describe yourselves as having inspirations such as Brand New and Thrice, what is it about them that influences you and your music?

Chris: I can’t personally say I draw influence from either of these bands, however I’m very impressed with the music they both produce.  I didn’t grow up listening to either of them (purely out of nothing other than that’s just not the music I was surrounded with) so I can’t really say they’ve shaped my own writing style.  If anyone feels that we have a comparable sound to either though, that’s a huge compliment we’ll gladly accept.

Sam: Personally I love the variety of sounds both those bands can create while staying true to themselves. They are both extremely dynamic and I think that’s something we’ve done a decent job of incorporating into the music this band creates. Dustin Kensrue and Jesse Lacey are also very emotional as vocalists in their respective bands and I feel like that’s one of the most important elements to have.

Mike: I find the fact that Thrice can direct their writing to so many different genres and Brand New’s dynamics and lyrical content are my major influences from them.

You have ten tracks on this album, but were there any that didn’t make the cut for the album and why?

Chris: We went into this record with 5 songs.  Our producer Daniel literally made me send him acoustic phone demos anywhere from 10 years ago to present and he picked which songs we would develop for the record.  Everything that made the record was intended for it.  We didn’t over or under-write, we just chose the songs that we knew were appropriate for what we were going to do.

Sam: This time around there actually weren’t any B-Sides, at least not finished ones. There were a couple rough ideas that never really developed into full songs, so the ones that were finished are the ones that made the album. Some of those unfinished ideas could always make it onto a future release though. Strangely enough, a couple of the songs that made this record were actually ideas that got shelved while writing the EP. Sometimes things just end up being better saved for later.

What has been one of your biggest struggles of being a band in your opinion?

Chris: Personally speaking, motivation.  I go through bouts of mental ups and downs constantly and when you’re sharing a creative space with others that aren’t really ever on the same page (purely because there’s just SO much to be done) while trying to navigate life outside of music, it’s frustrating.  SAD TRUTH ALERT: All the work that comes with being in a professional, functioning band can sometimes sabotage what you started playing music for in the first place.  I always find my way back though.

Sam: Given that we’ve been a completely DIY band up to this point, there’s a ton of different jobs we’ve all been responsible for at different times and that hasn’t always led to things being perfectly on the same page. So I’d say one of the biggest struggles we’ve had is how to make this band the most well oiled machine possible, but that’s only because we all care so much and want this thing to be the best it can be. We’re always working together to make this thing as strong as possible.

Javier: The biggest struggle is currently ongoing. Releasing an album with so much focus on the end result, feeling like your work is done, then facing the challenges of releasing independently is one of the most trying, but rewarding things we’ve experienced. We hear from absolutely everyone that it reaches, and for that I’m grateful.


Do you have any plans of doing any headline tours for the album?

Sam: At the moment there isn’t anything on the books as far as headlining tours but we’d obviously love to get out and do that sometime during this album cycle. Our goal right now is to really dominate our local scene and ultimately secure some solid support slots on bigger tours.


What’s next up on the list for ‘In Urgency’?

Sam: It’s time to get out and start playing the songs and supporting the record we’ve poured ourselves into for the last year.


Make sure to check out their most recent video for ‘The Holy Ghost’ down below!

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