Riding alongside the wave of pop-punk emo music comes Nights Like Thieves with their six track EP ‘Light The Fuse And Run’.

Opening track ‘Goldbug’ offers strong vocals that take the lead of the track, with the different changes in instrumental styles resting nicely in the background. ‘Here We Go Again’ seems to open with more of a kick, as bass, drums and guitar all kick in together followed by the vocals after the intro. This song gives more of a kick by having beats throughout the chorus where the track stops and starts again. This brings different a good catchy flow to the song that makes it stick in your head for quite some time.

Moving on to ‘The Other Side’, the track is once again lead by the vocals, as are most of the tracks on this EP. At some points however, it seems the high-pitched vocals do just blend into the track which can be an issue at times. Next up is ‘Buried Missiles’ is a stand out track on this EP. The song offers a darker side to EP and show that Nights Like Thieves’ can create songs with emotional depth as well as their normal style.

The last two tracks on the EP have their similarities. Both ‘I Collide’ and ‘Come Back Home’ are very similar to the other tracks on this EP. Although, it must be said, the music video for ‘I Collide’ is quite humerous with the band pretending to be a part of well known films, singing the words to the song. ‘Come Back Home’ does have a slightly different vibe, seeming more energetic than the other tracks and a lot clearer vocal wise making it a stand out track alongside ‘Buried Missiles’

Overall, it seems that while a lot of effort has been put into the EP, a lot of it is generic and doesn’t stand out as well as it could. The instrumentals are spot on and the songs are good and easy to listen to but Nights Like Thieves can certainly find a way to pull out the stops on their next release.


Rating: 5.5/10

recommended songs: ‘Buried Missiles’, ‘Come Back Home’.

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