Oceans Ate Alaska have announced their second album ‘Hikari’, which is to be released on July 28th 2017! With the news of their sophomore album, they have also revealed their second single ‘Escapist’ from their upcoming album.


The album itself is set to show an incredible stride in Oceans Ate Alaska’s style, with the album being deeply rooted in the theme of samurai mythology. The album also mixes traditional Japanese instruments with their own. As drummer Chris Turner states “These unique and beautiful instruments have inspired us to create something brand new, and we are beyond proud of the end result!” Make sure to check out the tracklisting below!


1. Benzaiten (feat. Alex Teyen)
2. Sarin
3. Covert
4. Hansha
5. Deadweight
6. Veridical
7. Entrapment
8. Hikari
9. Birth-Marked
10. Ukiyo (feat. Josh Manuel)
11. Escapist

With the album set to be released at the end of July, pre-order bundles are already available to pre-purchase now from:

You can also check out their first single ‘Covert’ down below!


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