Current Events are a small indie band from the depths of Cincinnati, Ohio. With the success of their last EP ‘Phases’, they have now decided to release their new single ‘Cupboard’. The song itself is about a breakup, but focuses more about the long-term effects of breaking off from a long term relationship and trying to pick up the pieces left behind.

Opening with a calming acoustic feel, it already seems the song is going to be filled with emotion. The song itself has a calming feel instrumental wise but vocally emotion is shown throughout offering a more gritty feel alongside the calming track. Current Events seem to use the slower instrumentals to show the sadness faced in a breakup, but use the gritty vocals to show the pain of ‘Half a decade worth of memories’ being lost. Overall the song is very well made with clear vocals and instrumentals throughout.

The opening of the video itself shows something that’s been broken, already showing the theme of picking up the broken pieces after a breakup. The video then continues to show the band playing in time with the video and vocalist Jacob walking through what appears to be different sets of corridors, with different shots of footage being shown every few seconds. This is done amongst the shots of the band until near the end where they all come together.The video itself is filmed in very high quality and is very well made and fits the song well.

Overall, this is a very strong release from Current Events. With strong songs and videos such as this they are a band that are certainly showing their style and talent.


Rating: 9/10


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