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Upcoming band Dream State are a 5-piece post hardcore group from South Wales in the UK. With their most recent single ‘White Lies’ currently having over 1m views in two months, Dream State are ones to watch.

Dream State produced their first EP ‘Consequences’ in late 2015 consisting of 5 tracks of high quality music. Mixing both hardcore vocals alongside hard-hitting lyrics, Dream State have the

talent to make it big. Alongside their EP, Dream State also created two music videos for tracks ‘Burn Them Down’ and ‘Rebuild, Recreate’, they incorporate visuals into their music showing what the song is about and how they portray it.

The same is shown in their most recent single ‘White Lies’. White Lies captures the idea of ‘losing half my mind’ while fighting personal issues. The song also highlights the ideas of needing help and wanting people to stay with them and not leave. This is shown through the music video as well so make sure to check it out below!

Dream State have already announced they are recording their second new single, as well as announcing their tour with As Lions across the UK. Make sure to listen to their music, and maybe even catch them at a show or two this September!

Check them out at:



Twitter: @DreamstateUK

Instagram: @Dreamstateuk

Facebook: DreamStateUKOfficial


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