Tusk, a Canadian rock band formed back in 2016 released their EP ‘Headroom’ back in March 2017. Offering what they call a ‘Wall of sound’, ‘Headroom’ is an EP to blow you away with its tonal variety and mix of genres.


Opening track ‘acupuncture’ instantly sets the tone of the EP, with its groovy sound that slowly builds up over the course of the song. Overall, the track is very calm meaning it isn’t too overpowering. Second track ‘Millenials’ starts with indie vocals alongside the mixed track unlike ‘Accupuncture’ which had more a of build up. It’s obvious with this EP that Tusk like to experiment with genre and music, and not necessarily make something cleanly structured.

Middle track ‘Coma’ appears to have more cleanly executed at first. Whether this was intentional or not, it fits into the EP but offers something a little different at the same time. Midway through ‘Coma’, there is a complete shift in the song, diverting away from its original beginning into more of a freestyle jam. Surprisingly, this works very well even though written down it sounds like it wouldn’t. Second to last track ‘Stowed’ opens with an interesting drum beat before being accompanied with other instrumentals and vocals. As the track moves forward it begins to shift with more of a heavy riff before changing completely once again to a more acoustic sound. The EP ends on ‘Melatonin, a well mixed track, showing good track alongside fitting vocals and lyrics.

This EP is a great example of genre mixing and does what sounds crazy unto something that works quite well. While this EP will not suit everyone’s tastes, most music doesn’t. This is the kind of EP to listen to when you want something calming and relaxing, not so much for some intense rave session.


Rating: 7.5/10

Recommended songs: Coma, Stowed



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